BEAUTY BAR: I’ve Got The Blues

Over the years we have seen many different hair trends that have come and gone. From feather clip-ins and ombré to the half shaved head look, the list could go on and on. Experimenting with your hair can seem risky and not many people feel comfortable making dramatic changes to their locks; however, if you do take that risk (and the results turn out to be fabulous), it’s important to rock your new look with confidence.

During the winter season, we tend to skip straight to the makeup and leave our hair in a messy bun. I mean, it only seems reasonable because when you walk outside there will be wind or snow that will cause you to throw your hair up anyway, right? The moment I saw this Fashionista’s cool blue tresses, I could not stop staring. Blue is totally in right now when it comes to hair trends, but not many people are willing to commit to such a bold look.

This Fashionista is rocking her look with confidence and style (and you can, too). Whether you choose a color as bright and bold as this Fashionista or opt for something more subtle, the most important thing is to be confident (and remember that it doesn’t have to be permanent).

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Getting this look takes one person and one person only—your hairstylist. When adding bright colors to your hair you want to make sure that it’s done the right way, so let your stylist have a little fun; however, if you’re not ready to make that bold step just yet try out some hair chalk. It will give you that pop of color you are looking for and washes right out if you change your mind. If you do plan on going permanent there are a few safety steps you should take. 1. Use a color protecting shampoo so the color stays as bright as possible. 2. Wash your hair with cold water to prevent the color from washing out. 3. Apply a leave-in conditioner that protects your hair from UV rays and leaves it healthy and shiny!