BEAUTY BAR: Itty Bitty Bun

Summer is all about relaxing. We all have more down time than during the school year, and it’s nice to keep a relaxed beauty routine. Especially now that it’s festival season, there’s no trendier way to keep your strands sweat-free and out of your face than by rocking a ’90s-inspired baby bun. You can skip the Pinterest tutorial fails—creating this style is easy and doesn’t require any skill or hair products. Gather your hair as if putting it in a half up, half down style and tie it into a loose bun rather than a ponytail. This Fashionista’s bun sits atop her head, but wearing a lower bun creates the same effect.

With all the ease and simplicity, it’s easy for the style to read “toddler” rather than adult. This Fashionista demonstrates how to don a tiny bun for a fun yet sophisticated look. She sticks to a neutral, earthy color palette of olive green and black. Her outfit is classic, not overly trendy. She limits her accessories to a couple dainty layered necklaces, some aviator sunglasses and a structured bag. Her look is minimal enough that it isn’t distracting against the playfulness of the baby bun.

For a more dressed down way to wear a tiny bun, try wearing either distressed denim shorts and a band tee or a loose tank dress with worn-in sneakers. Regardless of your style, tossing your hair into a little bun is an effortless way to prepare for a hot summer day.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To get this Fashionista’s look, throw on a pair of breezy linen shorts and a black cami top. All you’ll need for your hair is an elastic similar to the color of your locks and you’ll be rocking summer’s hottest hair trend.