BEAUTY BAR: It's All In The Eyes

In almost every Fashionista’s purse, you are sure to find a trusted item of makeup. Whether it is a compact to touch up that powder when your nose starts to sweat or your favorite lipstick to reapply before heading to your next class, every Fashionista has them. The hardest part about summer is finding a makeup that will keep a cool and flawless look throughout your entire school day. Like many Fashionistas, I battle the feeling that my face is melting or that I’ve produced enough sweat that my makeup must be disappearing.

I spotted this Fashionista late in the afternoon looking calm, cool and face collected. Aside from her bell-bottom floral pants and bold statement to wear heels on the hill, this Fashionistas makeup and chic short cut are what makes her stand out from the rest. The bright colors enforced in her bottoms helped to create the three-toned spunky eye look that is complemented by a light layer of foundation and a deep highlight. She recommends as a summer tip to focus more on the eyes. Make your eye makeup really pop and go for a matching lip or the perfect lip gloss. Fashionistas can get creative with their eyes and most importantly, will not have to worry about them melting.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? This look is easy to achieve. All you need is Maybelline Fit Me foundation, MAC Studio Fix Powder, a lip gloss and of course a NYX eye shadow palette. Remember to keep your face light, focus on the eyes and to not be afraid to do something different with your hair this summer. Chop some off, wear it up or even pull it back. All styles will bring more attention to your makeup and help deal with blazing beams of sunlight. Follow these steps and you will also be another calm, cool and collected Fashionista!