BEAUTY BAR: It's All About Color!

November 18th, 2016 at 2:00am
BEAUTY BAR: It's All About Color!

I had the chance to speak with Aishika Jennela, a junior here in Philadelphia at Temple University. Currently studying media studies and production, Jennela shared with me her influences and inspirations for makeup.

Giving off a sporty campus-ready vibe, she brought a lot of color into the mix. I asked her about her makeup routine and her beauty influences. “Mostly it’s foundation, a little bit of contour and eyeshadow, and I focus a lot on my lips because I like that pop of color,” she said. Her emphasis on her lip color is her bold statement.

Her lip product here today is from ColourPop, a company she calls affordable and has high quality products. She doesn’t have a preference when it comes to makeup companies, but Anastastia Beverly Hills is another one of her favorites. Jennela is drawn to warmer tones, fall colors, dark reds and wine colors. She is also on the look out for neutral tones.

She’s been into makeup since high school, but only became more invested into makeup this past year. She defines “being invested in makeup” by simply buying more high quality makeup. Her make up influences sometimes come from the wonderful world of YouTube.

“If I’m looking for a fall style I look up fall tutorials. I like Christen Dominique; she has a very natural look and I appreciate that,” she shares. “There aren’t many Indian beauty bloggers so I can’t compare skin tones with anyone, but I would say I look at fall colors and neutral tones,” she exclaims.

In addition to her chic makeup, her outfit is fun and sporty. She’s wearing a navy button-down top with an open collar. Underneath it she has on a striped fitted crop top with a tight neckline. She used the extra length of her button-down to tie around her waist. Jennela noted that she’s a fan of wearing what’s comfortable. Express is one of her go-to places to shop!

My favorite part about talking with Aishika about her relationship with makeup and fashion was her desire to do more. Her emphasis on colors is her game changer. Let’s take a note from Aishika and BE BOLD!