BEAUTY BAR: In Love with the Coco

BEAUTY BAR: In Love with the Coco

Our world is coconut-obsessed. From indulging in coconut acai bowls, to replenishing with cure-all coconut water post-workout or perhaps post-night-out-of-one-too-many-Cosmopolitans, to Starbucks gurus substituting boring dairy with sweet coconut milk in their lattes, everyone is loving the coconut. Plus, let’s not forget to mention the photogenic, beachy keen aesthetic of the coconut, making it all the rage in the Instagram world. The coconut is trending.

Aside from its tasty, healthy, and Instagram-worthy benefits, the coconut is the source of a colossal variety of beauty hacks. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, coconut oil is an all-encompassing hair illuminator, skin moisturizer, teeth whitener, makeup remover, and the list goes on and on. One naturally organic product to beautify in endless ways? Yes, that’s why we are all in love with the coco.

First, radiate your luscious locks with unrefined oils from coconuts. Lather your dull hair follicles in the luster-creating oils for an instant shine. Have some free time? Pamper yourself with a coconut oil conditioning treatment. Soak your hair in the oils for two to three hours, rinse, and prepare to be mesmerized by how healthy and velvety your locks feel. For all the gals out there fighting frizz, I fully empathize. So, comb a few tablespoons of coconut oil throughout that untamed mane. Say hello to instant shine and goodbye to frustrating frizz: it’s magic.

Next, coconut oil is your new go-to skincare remedy. Now with the summer sun heating up, coconut oil relieves sunburned or irritated skin. Twenty-somethings, are you worried about the inevitability of aging? Coconut oil says, “slow down” to the onset of wrinkles, while hydrating, rejuvenating, softening, and adding that natural glow to your skin. Indulge yourself in coconut oil’s all-natural skin moisturizer.

Third, to the coconut flavor fans, take a spoonful of melted coconut oil, rinse for two to three minutes, and voilà: ultra bright pearly whites. Maybe your chapped lips are in desperate need of some juicy hydration, but your favorite tinted lip balm is M.I.A. Coat those unruly split lips with Herbivore’s soothing and quite delicious coconut oil lip conditioner. Here’s to a flawless smile and sweet coconutty smooches!

Fourth and finally, are you not so ready for your close up? What twenty-something really has time for beauty sleep, anyways? Coconut oil to the rescue! Hide your all-nighter eye bags by dabbing the silky oil beneath your eyes. Then, after finalizing your beautification makeup routine, apply a petite amount of coconut oil along your cheekbones. Behold: au natural highlighter! Oh, and for the end of the night, grab that jar of coconut oil or opt for RMS Beauty’s coconut oil wipes for a gentle removal of your mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner galore.

Do not be a stranger to the glory of coconut oil. Say so long, farewell, adieu to dull hair, dry skin, chapped lips, and sleepless eyes. Who knew beautification could be so easy? And so scrumptious, too! Fall in love with the coco.