BEAUTY BAR: If You Never Try, You’ll Never Glow

I pick it up. I put it down. I put it in my cart. I put it back on the shelf. I make it all the way to the register—and I tell the cashier I changed my mind and ask her to please put it back.

Why such apprehension? It only costs about $4.99, but it’s uncharted waters. It’s that one beauty product you have yet to master. Heck, you’re just getting over the rush from perfecting your cat eye, and that was no smooth sailing either. So, here you are in Target for the forth time today back in line, and this time you’re going to do it. Today’s the day You’re going to buy *dramatic pause* blush.

There’s something so mature and proper about those who can pull off blush. It’s as if they’re the true beauty gurus that are a cut above the rest. Somehow for them the cosmetic cosmos all aligned and granted them the power to wear the one product we all shy away from and pass by in the makeup aisle time after time.

So how exactly does one apply blush to look naturally rosy and not like they just stepped out of a sweat lodge? Exactly like this Fashionista. Here as you can see she placed her brush just at the hair line and gradually swooped down at an angle to the end of her cheekbones. Applying blush evenly and spreading it out to span across the entire cheek seems to be the key.

Don’t make the rouge rookie mistake of only applying blush to the center of each cheek. This is where many fail and get discouraged. In order to make blush natural, one must cover a wide canvas and blend, blend, blend!

Notice also that this Fashionista didn’t go over the top with colors in her outfit. If you’re going to go all out with blush, avoid wearing competing or matching colors to the blush. Keep contrast and subtly in mind.

After spotting this Fashionista on campus, I felt inspired. When I told her why I picked her to be featured in this article she told me blush was her favorite and she LOVED blush. How could someone be so confident about something I was so afraid to buy?

Later that week, I marched back into Target, dashed down the beauty aisle, firmly took hold of a blush compact, faced my fears and never looked back. We all have our makeup doubts. Once we conquer them, we feel accomplished. We open a new door and expand our beauty bar.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Being an old pro at rocking blush with ease, this Fashionista mixed Nyx Powder Blush in Peach with Too Faced Candy Glow. To keep things simple and refined, she matched her makeup with an olive green vest to add some warmth to that rosy cheek look.