BEAUTY BAR: I Got That Red Lip, Classic Thing That You Like

Spring Break is on everyone’s mind here at Ole Miss. The spring season is right around the corner but in many places across the states winter is still in full swing. Down here in Mississippi we have warmer temperatures and the spring showers are beginning to hit. So students are starting to rock their summer shorts on some days, but stay bundled up on other days.

I stopped this Fashionista on a beautiful Friday afternoon as I was on my way home from class and she was arriving on campus for an event. What stood out to me the most about this Fashionista was her red lipstick. It made her look pop while making her look polished and fabulous. It works because her outfit complements her makeup. The Fashionista is wearing a black and white polka-dot blouse paired with a black fur vest. She is also wearing very trendy flare jeans with OTBT wedges and carrying a light blue studded clutch.

Many girls like to wear a red lip with any outfit, but the best way to rock a red lip is to make your lips the most prominent part of your look. This Fashionista is wearing an outfit that doesn’t have contradicting colors or patterns; therefore the red lips stand out. Mastering a red lip can enhance your look, just like it did for this Fashionista.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: I asked the Fashionista what she did to make her red lips effortlessly perfect and this was her response: how to get the perfect red lip, first find your perfect shade. Some shades are better suited for certain skin shades. One with blue undertones tends to be universal. Second, prime: exfoliate your lips gently with a toothbrush or lip scrub, and then pile on some lip balm or moisturizer. Third, apply the lipstick generously. Fourth, use the finger trick to get off excess and keep your teeth lipstick free. Use one pointer finger and close your lips around and pull out. Fifth and lastly, dust with powder or blot with a tissue.