BEAUTY BAR: Holiday Glam

I have recently taken more of an interest in beauty essentials and makeup. Sometimes it’s hard to decide if a full face of makeup or a smoky eye is appropriate for the event being attended; it’s important that the makeup complements and enhances the outfit overall.

This Fashionista was on her way to several holiday and Christmas celebrations, and she wore a hip outfit with the perfect style of makeup. She applied a very light layer of cover-up and bronzer, just a brush of mascara, and, most importantly, she paired this look with a bold red lip. The daring matte lipstick is by Kylie Cosmetics in the shade Mary Jo K. The lip kit comes with a bottle of the matte lipstick and a great matching lip liner. This Fashionista loves this lipstick and says it stays on forever without fading or feeling too dry.

Not to forget about the outfit, she wore a forest green dress from Piko. The red lips and green dress went well together for the Christmas theme. She paired it with a stunning camel jacket from Zara and black booties from Steve Madden. It all came together with the dark tights, jewelry, and her Warby Parker glasses. The large pearls added a classy touch to the outfit. These gold pearls are great because not only are they cool but they help a great cause. The earrings are made by a company called Pearls for Pups, a non-profit that raises money for rescue dogs. Overall this outfit is very elegant and great for a fancy occasion or celebration. Here’s to discovering your inner chic!