BEAUTY BAR: Highlight the Bright

As Ivana Trump states, “Gorgeous hair is the best revenge,” a hairstyle becomes one of the first things you notice about someone. It can indicate a favorite color, attention to a beauty trend or even an identity of its own. Your hairstyle expresses who you are without saying a word. If there’s one thing in life to remember; remember that life is way too short to have boring hair.

Golden blonde highlighted locks are one beauty trend that will never go out of style. We have all dazzled over a Victoria’s Secret model and how their hair seems to dance freely across the runway with the perfect bouncy wave. Even actress Blake Lively’s flawless and flowing blonde hair effortlessly creates an envy-worthy look that highlights her complexion and brings together any outfit. Although we are not Victoria’s Secret models or Blake Lively, that does not mean we are denied the pleasure of having gorgeous hair!

I was immediately drawn to this Fashionista’s hair because of the smooth blend of caramel and light red highlights throughout. The long and loose length of her hair is even enough to make Princess Rapunzel jealous! It’s obvious that this Fashionista knows how to highlight the bright features on her face as well. Her summer sky blue eyes finished with a shimmery black smoky eye perfectly complement the vibrant colors of her hair and her plum rose lip color. The jet-black color of her leather jacket and combat boots force the attention to her long, light hair even more. And of course, a little sparkle of bling from her silver jewelry and glitter nail polish is never a bad idea!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this Fashionista’s highlighted-to-perfection hairstyle, start out by trying a highlighting design kit for yourself! You can experiment with as many different colors as you desire until you find the right one that brightens your complexion. Steal this Fashionista’s secret of highlighting the bright and you’ll have a great hair day everyday!