BEAUTY BAR: Half Up, Half Down In Uptown

As the temperatures continue to drop and the wind picks up speed, baseball caps and beanies can be seen on the heads of thousands of New Yorkers. However, for those who want to still show off their luscious locks without the hassle of having “hat hair,” the half up, half down top knot is for you!

With this sleek and easy style, you don’t have to stress about doing all of your hair; you only have half of the work. Also, you can still keep your neck insulated with the warmth of half of your hair being down.

This Fashionista pairs the hairstyle with a white turtleneck top layered underneath a charcoal gray sweater. She adds another layer of warmth for the cold New York winter mornings in a fluffy faux fur coat. For a pop of color, her true blue trousers and white sneakers add a funky urban vibe to contrast the more conservative pieces she wears on top. For accessories, this Fashionista pairs a brown leather tote with a copper chained necklace and brown sunglasses.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To recreate this look, use a comb to section the top part of your hair away from the bottom half. Make sure that the two sections are evenly split and that one does not outweigh the other for a clean look. For the bun, tie up the top half section of your hair in a high ponytail using an elastic. Then, use another elastic to tie the ponytail into any style bun that fits your look. For an even sleeker look, straighten the hair that will be down and use hairspray to keep flyaways in place for the hair that will be in the top bun.