BEAUTY BAR: Hair Flair

Personally, hair has always presented to me an interesting conundrum: what in the world do I do with it?  Luckily, from uniquely stylized ‘dos to androgynous pageboys, short hair allows itself a range of options, so I never get bored!  Even aside from the wonderful world of color, the right product can turn even the worst bedhead on the top of anyone’s head into a malleable swoop of personality.

To accommodate his personal favorite short faux-hawk hairstyle, this Fashionisto keeps his hair nicely trimmed to the sides and back of his head with a nice fade into the top.  This cleaned-up, edited nod to a punk-rock classic bestows him with a versatile look that can go from from casual business to a classy night out. A little gel or holding paste can take this faux-hawk cut from flat and discreet to styled-up or slicked back for a retro James Dean-esque façade. If short enough, like this one, a faux-hawk can be done entirely without a flat-iron.

Furthermore, this Fashionisto maintains a smile-framing mustache and goatee combination to bring balance to his face.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To keep his chin in check, this Fashionisto swears by Dollar Shave Club’s Shave Butter and 4X Blades.  “Wish you would have told me I was having my picture taken, I would have used them this morning,” he joked, self-conscious about his light stubble.  For the hair on top of your head, he recommends Mitch Clean Cut by Paul Mitchell for its firm, matte texture.