BEAUTY BAR: Got Buns Hun

Nicki Minaj said it herself, “Don’t want none unless you’ve got buns hun.” She may have been talking about a different kind of buns but I think you get the point. From man buns to messy buns, this trendy hairstyle never gets old. We’ve seen celebs like Miley Cyrus rock her iconic “space buns” as well as Kim Kardashian show off her slick top knot. Messy or not, buns are suitable for any occasion!

This Fashionista took a twist with her “space buns” by leaving the bottom half of her hair down and adding an eye-catching blue dye to the ends of her hair. She wore a cute red dress that accented her hair very well. We also can’t forget about her adorable booties  and cool shades.

Although this hairdo may seem complex and hard to do, it is fairly simple. As a college student or any student for that matter we always seem to be in a hurry and these buns are the perfect way to stay trendy and still have time for breakfast in the morning. First, start by sectioning your hair: half up and half down. Then take the top half of your hair and split it in half. Take one half and twist it into a bun securing it with an elastic and then do the same to the other side. Ta-da! You have rockin space buns.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Not much is needed to get this look. 1.Two hair elastics for the buns some bobby pins (if needed) 2. Some hairspray for the flyway’s 3.To add the blue you can use Manic Panic in the color Voodoo Blue.