BEAUTY BAR: Gone Fishing

The Fashionista featured in this article is all set for finals week. Despite the looming stress of late nights to come, unfinished papers and wondering where all the time has gone, she still manages to look cute as a button. For when she spends the day at the library studying, this Fashionista rocks an updo that will last the entire day (as will her coolness).

The updo this Fashionista is wearing features a fishtail braid topped off with a high, messy bun. Instead of doing a classic fishtail braid, she decided to try something new that did just as good of a job keeping her hair out of her face while she studies. The fishtail braid starts at the nape of her neck and continues up along the back of her head until it reaches the top of her head. Once the braid was complete, she put a hair tie in and pulled the hair from the rest of the braid so that the visible part of the braid would stay firmly in place. After this step, she then took the remaining hair and created a messy bun on top with another hair tie. This hairdo combines two classic hairstyles and puts them together in a subtle but perfectly unique way.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: If you are gifted in the art of self-hair-braiding, then you can absolutely pull this casual look off on your own. However, the Fashionista featured called upon a friend to help complete this style for her. All that was needed was a few hair ties, a little patience, and a helpful friend to rock this style all day long. You could even incorporate other hair accessories or a bun cuff to personalize this look to fit your individual style.