BEAUTY BAR: Golden Details

It is not uncommon to bump into visitors in Florida during the summer season. I approached this friendly Fashionista and as I struck up a conversation with her, I detected an intriguing accent. I had to ask her where was she from, and she answered Czechoslovakia. She mentioned that she vacations to Sarasota, Florida with her family often; it is her second hometown. This Fashionista mixed up her wardrobe a bit with a European and American-fused flair. She knows exactly how to fit in with Florida’s weather, adding style to this unbeatable heat.

Her sun-kissed hair looks as though she has already spent time tanning underneath the sun’s rays. The rest of the details play into her beautiful golden mane. One of the main details that match is her Michael Kors golden metallic tote. I love the size of that bag! It is very useful to add all your favorite make up touch-up necessities and a comb to brush any stray hair, thanks to that summer heat. The little details that add to her look are her black sandals that have a gold charm and her golden painted toe nails. Her nails are almond shaped that are coated with Ebalay white matte nail polish. She is also sporting a pair of sexy sheer leggings that proves she is not scared to show a little skin! Be sure to stay tuned for next week’s article which features this Fashionista’s equally stylish sister.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Golden details—let’s start with the hair. Add varying tones of honey highlights through the midlengths of your hair on top of a light brown base, making sure to keep the ends slightly lighter. Tease the golden look with different shades of gold that you can incorporate into your outfit, such as shoes or accessories. Next, if you feel the need to, apply light make-up, such as eyeliner and a pale lip color that matches your skin tone.