BEAUTY BAR: Going Platinum

Do blondes really have more fun? If you asked Marilyn Monroe that question you would already have your answer, but for the rest of us, dyeing our hair to an almost colorless hue is a scary endeavor. Personally, I have been daydreaming for a while about going platinum, but the commitment seems too much—do I have to purchase a whole new wardrobe to coordinate with my hair color? My worries seemed silly after seeing this stylish Fashionista, who not only pulled off an enviable shade of platinum but can also pull off an edgy pixie cut.

This Fashionista is totally in the groove with her ultra-cool platinum pixie cut and her casual-chic attire. She paired her vibrant hair with a super sweet jean jacket that was decorated with patterned sleeves. This Fashionista added her own charm to the piece with a unique gold pin. Her vintage Levi shorts (that also happen to be a thrift store find) were a great addition for the summer heat while her slip-on snakeskin animal print sneakers added an edgy appeal to the outfit. This Fashionista completed her attire with a nude Matt & Nat backpack, which any girl, including me, would envy. She topped off her hip wardrobe with some smart-looking Prada glasses with bold frames. All in all, this Fashionista is trendy and confident with both her clothing and her hair.

So, now the question I ask myself is: “Would I have more fun with platinum hair?” Well…to be continued.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Get a beautiful shade of white-blonde at your local salon (one that you trust!) or if you are feeling confident enough buy a kit and color your hair at home. Just keep in mind that dying your hair platinum is a huge commitment, but it can be made easier with the right products. Also don’t forget to maintain your colored tresses with a color treated shampoo and conditioner to keep that pretty shade as long as possible.