BEAUTY BAR: Going Beyond Gold

I am a person who naturally gravitates towards warm tones: gold jewelry, brick red smokey eyes, deep auburn hair…the whole nine yards. Recently however, Lucky B Smith popped up on to my radar, and I’ve begun to have a new appreciation for cool tones. Platinum hair has been everywhere as of late, and I’m hoping and praying (and betting!) that this trend doesn’t disappear anytime soon. The only thing better than gold, right now, is platinum.

I was immediately drawn to this Fashionisto because of his dye job and Dior sunglasses. His hair is the perfect shade of almost-white, and it becomes the perfect accessory to any outfit. Platinum is the perfect statement color, despite the fact that it literally is lack of color. This modern (lack of) color helps transform any outfit, especially when paired with more contemporary pieces. Another bonus of this beauty trend is the ability to switch hair colors at a moment’s notice. Stylish individuals sporting the shade can jump between pastel or vibrant tones of other colors and easily bounce back to blonde. After bleaching, it’s especially simple to box-dye the hair a light shade of pink that will eventually fade right back to white. My favorite part about the white hue, however, is how especially complementary it is towards cool tones, as exhibited in this Fashionisto’s outfit. His suave denim on denim is carefully monochromatic, something that only continues to contribute to the overall cohesiveness. There’s a certain simplicity about this Fashionisto’s ensemble that allows the accessories to speak for themselves (and yes, I’m counting hair as an accessory in this occasion), and I’m in love with that aesthetic.

Platinum hair works perfectly with the athlesiure trend (that will never disappear). If you’re thinking of dyeing your locks to this statement-making shade, amp up the street factor in your looks! Take a cue from this Fashionisto and pair sneakers with any outfit for a more New York vibe. Nothing screams model-off-duty more than a bold hair color and a sporty outfit.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: If you’re looking to take your hair to the next level, I highly recommend heading straight to your hairdresser, because bleaching is not something easily done at home. After that, amp up the cool tones! Grays, blues and blacks will look phenomenal paired with your new ‘do!