BEAUTY BAR: Go With The Flow

I love how expressive men are with their hair nowadays. From the perfectly slicked back look to the longer locks, there are a variety of styles for men to try. The key to growing out hair is keeping it healthy and tamed, which can be hard for a guy who is striving to achieve the luscious locks or man bun for the first time. Getting trims during the growing out process will not only keep your hair looking healthy, but also help the hair fall better around your face as it grows out. Remember: work with the length you have and be patient!

I found this Fashionisto rocking his longer hair even in the midst of the summer heat. He has naturally wavy and curly hair that works well for the length and style he has. Having wavy or curly hair when it is longer gives the hair a bit more volume so it doesn’t lay as flat. His overall style was pretty minimal and casual, and his hairstyle topped it off very well. Longer hair can give you a more rustic look rather than the sleeker, shorter cuts. If this Fashionisto wanted to shoot for a different look or is getting dressed up for an event, he can pull it up into a nice man bun for a sophisticated style. His advice for rocking longer hair: “Let it grow. Let it flow.”

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Whether you’re growing your hair out or already have long hair, you need to keep it healthy. First, you’ll want to start conditioning your hair if you already don’t with a good conditioner so that it remains healthy as it grows. Once it’s at your desired length, you’ll need a wax or clay so you can style and shape your hair.