BEAUTY BAR: Go-To Hairdo

There’s absolutely no girl on this planet that does not appreciate a cute hairdo that requires almost no effort and is easy to accomplish, which is why this hair trend is such a big hit. The ultra high ponytail that Ariana Grande is often seen sporting is what this Fashionista is rocking. It gives her sass and adds an edgy look to complement the rest of the outfit. This trend is very easy to replicate, all you need is a hair tie. All you do is grab some hair from the tippy top of your head and tie it up! It’s that easy, but to replicate it in the same exact way Ariana Grande does it, you have to have long hair, and in this case the Fashionista does. This trend is fashionable because it’s a cute and sassy look, but it’s also very easy to achieve and requires minimal effort. It’s also a very versatile look, meaning you can wear it when you’re dressed up fancy or you can wear it when you are just straight “bumming it.” To make it even fancier you can curl your long locks while up in a ponytail.

All you need for this hairdo is a hair tie and a hair brush. I’m sure everyone has these, as these items are essentials, which makes this look easy to achieve. You can also use a curling iron to curl your hair while it’s up in the high pony. In this look, this Fashionista wore an off-the-shoulder sweaterankle booties, and a purse.