BEAUTY BAR: Go Nude In Summer

Makeup in summer is sometimes a Fashionista’s/o’s worst enemy. Imagine (Enter a dreamy state. The clouds are rippling across the horizon. A faint bird chirps in the background and the city traffic is omnipresent): You’re sitting outside on a green wire bench under the beloved shade of a willow tree. You are just casually trying to survive in the flood of dizzying heat when you feel your makeup melting on your face. It’s your worst nightmare come true.

There are two simple solutions for this predicament: go without or get a powder. While big, bright colors are great for night activities and to wake up cloudy, dreary winter days, summer is a different game. Summer is hot, in every sense of the word, and the best way to go out in summer is in the nude. In nude makeup that is.

This Fashionista took a barely there approach to her makeup. Nude makeup does not mean you have to look completely fresh-faced and bare. You can have a fun lip or delicate eyeshadow. The purpose of a nude look is to focus on the more natural, casual face that lets either your clothes or your attitude be the focal point of your outfit.

To get a nude look follow your normal skincare routine, then add a base foundation like a BB cream with sunscreen or loose powder. Step two is to focus on the eyes. Try a nude eyeshadow pallete and then add a dash of color to the lower lid. For example, if you have green eyes try a purple or shimmering gold. Step three is lips. Use a natural lip stain or try a brighter lip if you keep your eyes completely neutral.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? This Fashionista used a nude eye with liquid liner and cherry lip stain for her summer in the nude makeup. To get her look she used an Urban Decay eyeshadow pallete, Benefit lip stain, Revlon liquid eyeliner and Tarte mascara. To give your lashes an extra boost, try using a lash primer from Smashbox or Origins. Try going nude this summer; you may just find you love it!