BEAUTY BAR: Glownation in the Foundation

This summer it is all about the glow. Whether you live in a region where it is warm year round, or a season of snow comes to say hello, summer is #Glonation according to Sephora. With the large contouring and highlighting trend, the end goal to be beautifully bronzed and glowing is even more of a must. We’ve all been there in the “orange division” when tanning lotions and bronzer shades are more on the fake-bake than beautifuly baked end. We never want to look like we have walked out of a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. A beautifully bronzed Fashionista shared her secrets with me, and she has fallen in love with Tarte cosmetics.

No fear, the glow element is here. You can still stick to your normal foundation, and just lightly start to add on the glow as the summer goes on. A key element is to transition into the glow. Although this may be a painfully slow process, even if you are a fair skin tone, after a month or so of summer your skin will start to get some color and/or freckles! We all want our faces to match our necks.

Tarte and Too Faced are fabulous brands for any Fashionista/o. Spending the extra $10 in comparison to drugstore brands will go a long way. First we start with the primer. Tarte’s Clean Slate primer is poreless, locks in color for 12 hours and diffuses lines and imperfections. This Fashionista really emphasizes using primer even if you do not have dry skin normally, it is essential. This is so that your skin does not soak in too much foundation which will lead to a larger assortment of clogged pores. Step two is Tarte’s “Rainforest of the Sea” Sephora exclusive foundation which also includes SPF 15. This is great in the sense that you will not have to layer more product onto your face because there is already sunscreen in the foundation.

Time to get bronze. Tarte also has a waterproof bronzer. You will want this for full and long-lasting coverage. She recommends using the largest brush you can get to apply the bronzer. This is to stop the bronzer from coming on too heavy in one area. The last step that she uses in Too Faced Candlelight Glow. This powder highlighter really adds the full glow effect. Apply on your cheeks, mid forehead, and chin for the best results.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this look you will need a moisturizing primer and a foundation with an SPF as the base. Now to bring on the glow, you will want a waterproof powder bronzer, and a shimmer highlighter. If you are new to bronzing do not hesitate to go to a beauty counter and find out your true shade! Finish the look off with a nude lipstick.