BEAUTY BAR: Glow Wherever You Go

Spring break is here at the University of Arizona! Wildcats are packing their bags and jet-setting to a paradise far away from our midterms. I was lucky to run into this Fashionista that was sporting a gorgeous classic, simple, and most of all, glowy makeup look that became my new spring break obsession. We are talking major mermaid vibes that you can rock both by the sea and on land.

Her glowy look starts with a flawless base, then a perfectly blended golden eye, a flush of blush, lots of highlighter, and a glossy lip. You can see her glow from a mile away! She shined through and radiated confidence and excitement about the week ahead. You can take this look anywhere, whether that be on the beach, in a big city or in new places around your hometown. No matter where you are this spring break, you bring the sunshine with you.

When I asked this Fashionista why she loved makeup, she explained the power that it has. We see the power of makeup in the confidence it gives people. This is why so many find strength and beauty in it. The ability to create so many looks is always inspiring and even empowering. Finding what works for you, your skin tone, your eye shape and what makes you feel the most confident is what makeup is about. It should never mask you but enhance your natural beauty. Anyone can rock this look on vacation! Try it out, have some fun, and be fearless wherever you go!

Also, her pink dress was perfect for the warm weather that Tucson is known for and her black sandals are perfect for running all over campus. I loved how she paired silver, edgy jewelry with her golden eye to give the look a personal touch and a touch of personality.

This spring break, your makeup should let you shine! Go for something different like a colored liner, a glossy lip, and a fun glittery highlighter that is bound to make you glow from the inside out. Spring break is all about letting loose, trying something new, and having lots of fun before the real work begins once coming back to class. Enjoy your spring break, and try a look that you were too afraid to try before. This is the time to do it!