It’s summertime, the living is easy, but the makeup? Not so much. So you don’t want to look like a grease ball, but you’re also not so down for the caked up super matte life? The answer is here. Simplicity is key in the era of sticky leather car seats and sweat from holding your phone to your cheek. This classic look complements every outfit and can go from day to night with a flip of a darker cool tone lipstick. It’s a glow even the Kardashians would envy.

A great primer paired with a light foundation and setting spray keeps the look looking fresh. A great warm tone highlight adds that glow factor in one step, whether it’s liquid or pressed or even better, both! We all know that highlighter can be a slippery slope between Kim K and a disco ball at a middle school dance so sticking to the high points of the face like the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow can help save some face. Neutral shadows on the eyes keep the look effortless and can withstand the midday heat without a lot of noticeable sliding. Bronzer contouring the cheek bones, forehead and sides of the nose slims the face and adds a warm hint of sun, even if you’ve just been at work under fluorescents since seven in the morning.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Keeping it cool with a boxy patterned skirt and basic tank isn’t the only way to beat the heat. From top to bottom, we’re keeping it effortless, fresh and dewy. The “I might have just walked off the beach” glow is achievable with the help of your go-to primer, a breathable foundation or BB cream, an Instagram enviable highlighter and a golden bronzer. Neutral shades keep the look natural and effortless on the eyes and lips. An easy lip gloss brings the glow from start to finish! Getting a little too shiny during the day? Keep a pack of blotting sheets in your purse instead of packing on the powder! Shine on!