BEAUTY BAR: Girl On Fire

One of my favorite ways to style my hair during the summer is to keep it simple and natural. I love giving my hair that mermaid feel of effortless waves that just happened to be there when you wake up. However, this Fashionista adds boldness to this look with her fiery dip-dyed hair. Her long hair gently falls over her shoulders, ending in an exciting and natural shade of red.

Nothing makes more of a statement than changing hair color. I love it because you almost feel like a new you and your personal look feels totally refreshed. You now have something new to work with when creating outfits. This Fashionista’s ombré hair really stands out against the cool colors chosen in her outfit. To complete the bohemian vibe started with her maxi dress, she keeps her hair long and lets her natural waves loose. She also pulls back some of her hair into a small side braid, adding to the overall look and keeping her hair out of her face on those hot summer days.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Want to add some spice to your hair color this summer and don’t want to spend the big bucks? I recommend grabbing a helpful friend, finding a DIY tutorial and using Clairol Nice n’ Easy to achieve the ombré look. To finish off your beachy hair, apply sea salt spray generously all over for a wavy texture. Then add a simple side braid or twist to pull back your hair.