BEAUTY BAR: Get That Glow

Today’s outfit is all about doing it yourself. This Fashionista’s look is something that you can recreate by vamping up old articles of clothing or buy them new.

Recreating this look is super simple and easy. To start off, find an old pair of jeans, a hoodie in your closet, or take a trip to the local Goodwill to find some. Cut the bottom half of the hoodie to make it into a crop top (you can adjust the length to your personal preference). For the jeans, pick a slightly high-waisted pair to off set the cropped hoodie. You just need to put slit holes in the area your knees will approximately be! She then paired the casual outfit with gray Doc Martens to add some edge. If DIY’s aren’t really your thing, don’t break a sweat! Cropped hoodies and knee slit jeans are in these days and can found in various stores.

Besides her outfit, this Fashionista’s makeup is actually perfect. To complete a look similar to this you need to complete a few things: defined brows, winged eye liner, and lots of highlighter. Anastasia Beverly hills has awesome brow definer pencils or brow powder duo to help fill in and define your brows. For this Fashionista, she used pinks and reds to complete her eye shadow look, which in turn compliments her lilac hoodie. You can alter the colors used to your preference! Then use some black eyeliner and wing it as bold and dramatic as you wish. Apply highlight to the apples of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, and your cupid’s bow to get an awesome glow! To finish off the look, apply a clear or nude gloss to your lips to offset your bold eye. In the end you will look like a glowing angel walking across your college campus.

I hope this Fashionista inspires you to get crafty and try some new makeup looks!