BEAUTY BAR: Frosty Blue

The way I see it, hair is an accessory. If done right, hair can enhance any look. Remember when having feathers in your hair was in a few years ago? Me too. Remember even before that when razor haircuts were the thing? Your hairstyle is just like fashion and it should add more pizazz to your everyday look.

This Fashionisto uses his hair as just that. An accessory. His blue dyed hair really adds to the whole cool guy look. It’s no secret that dyed hair has been the cool thing to do lately. Even celebrities are doing it and it’s become a common thing to see people walking down the street with a color that’s obviously not natural. I loved this Fashionisto’s hair color choice because it’s such a frosty blue color. The placement of the color at the top of his head doesn’t seem overwhelming because it’s in such a small area. Paired with his glasses, he elevates the look from basic to edgy. If you’re looking to change up your hair color but not wanting such a permanent modification, try chalking your hair. It washes out in the shower but you can see what your hair will look like in a different color, without making such a commitment.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: If you want to try chalking your hair before dying it, research some brands that sell hair chalk and pick the color you like best. It has much more staying powder when you spray your hair strand with hairspray before and after you chalk it!