BEAUTY BAR: Fresh Faced For Fall

With the beginning of fall semester right around the corner, there’s no better way to get a fresh start than with a fresh face! In the summer, lots of students opt to ditch their makeup routine for a freshly tanned summer face. This Fashionista is a great example of why we can keep doing this all the way into the coming fall months.

A natural, light foundation is easily found nowadays (Sephora’s in-store skin tone match system is well worth the trip!). This Fashionista makes her eyes pop by lining a super thin liquid liner subtly into her lash line. And the last touch on this simple but eye-catching beauty look is a couple of swipes of your favorite mascara. I like Cannonball by Urban Decay. No clumps, and it’s waterproof! But pick your favorite, as comfort is key. Keep on bringing this rocking summer trend into the fall.

We often see designers and Fashionista’s alike cake on the dark colors as soon as September rolls around. Luckily, fresh faced is back on the table as an awesome option to help you feel confident and comfortable, no matter what you decide to wear!
To complement her natural beauty look, breezy burgundy tulip shorts add depth to this Fashionista’s classic style. She pairs these shorts with super cute handmade bracelets. This brand, Vaeana, has designer-like bracelets for a fraction of the price! It’s a fun alternative that won’t break the bank, and it helps the designer pay for college. It’s a win-win.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To mimic this look, grab your lightest foundation, a simple liquid liner and your favorite mascara. You’ll take on the day looking clean and bright.