BEAUTY BAR: Flower Child

This Fashionista was spotted on campus looking breathtaking for spring. Her make up look was simple, but elegant. It worked well with her hair and her skin, it is important to make sure that your choices for color on eyeshadow, foundation, blush, etc. match your skin tone and work well with your hair.

If you consider yourself still a novice with makeup, you can find eyeshadow palettes that tell you what eye and hair color they are for so you do not have that problem. If you are struggling to find a foundation to match your skin tone, you can go to a make up counter and have them color match you. She went with a light pink color on the eyes, from the LORAC unzipped palette, with this being a soft look it is a good idea to make your eyes stand out a little bit. To do this, she used Maybelline gel eye liner in black. As we all know highlighting has become quite the craze, and understandably so, it adds so much dimension to a look. I know that highlight and contouring can be intimidating, but have no fear you can purchase a set that has both a highlight and the contour color. Practice makes perfect.

Don’t be afraid to keep trying to until you get it right. Lips are a very versatile part of doing make up. You can keep it neutral, add a red, do a purple. You have so many options available to you, this Fashionista chose to do a nude pink from Nyx to go with her eye color. Lips can be tricky too sometimes. Here is one tip I learned is when you have a dark eye, choose a light lip with a light eye, choose a dark lip. I hope that helps you when creating a make up look. This Fashionista’s look inspired me to want to create a spring look of my own!