BEAUTY BAR: Fishtail Fantasies

Every time I decide to wear my hair down in the summer, it somehow always ends up in a sloppy ponytail. I know all you girls out there understand the struggle that is having hair hanging in your face all day long. Whether you are in class taking a test or at a summer festival, having your hair flying everywhere and falling in your face is simply intolerable.

This Fashionista completed her festival look with a simple fishtail braid. This hair style is easily achieved and goes perfectly with her lace bralette and body chain! It is perfect for everyday or super fun summer events. She won’t have to worry about her hair blowing in her face all day, or the post-festival knots we’ve all had to endure brushing out—eek! Braids are definitely the answer to all of our summer styling struggles.

Hair braiding has been, and always will be a huge summer trend. What makes braids stand out so much more this summer is the final step needed to complete them—pulling the braid apart! It is crazy how something so simple can change the final product drastically. Pulling apart your braid can take your fun hairstyle from zero to 100 real quick. (Yes, that was a Drake reference.) Whether you choose messy waves or messy braids, I know we can all agree on one thing: wanting an effortless, easy hairstyle that still has the power to complete your overall look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look you will need a texturing spray, a rat tail comb and two hair elastics. Don’t forget to pull apart the fishtail braid once you have completed it! This will complete the look by making it look messier and by adding more texture and dimension. Try adding some hair rings in for a fun extra touch if you have the time!