BEAUTY BAR: Finding Winter Fresh

After a short and sweet Thanksgiving break, I woke up this morning to a very chilly, frosty Burlington, home to the University of Vermont campus. With the sun not even up itself, I could barely open my eyes, never mind put makeup on them. Most days I lifelessly roll out of bed with little motivation to look presentable, but just enough to bundle for the unbearably bitter Vermont winter. I shamelessly admit that I find myself neglecting the appearance of my hair and and makeup during these grey days. However, this fellow Fashionista proves you can still look effortless with a quick, five-minute routine that never fails even on the earliest and iciest of mornings.

In order to rock the simple look, you have to think simple. This winter beauty swears that your most natural self is your most beautiful, even if that means your palest. She admits that she gets “really pale in the winter, but it’s best to look natural because you’re supposed to look pale in the winter!” To play up her pretty porcelain skin, she takes advantage of her hair and brows. For a wispy-winter look, she creates messy waves with a curler or straightener and then adds texture spray. Avoiding flat bedhead or hat hair, she advises to “switch up your part and give yourself choppy layers.” Like her makeup, “short hair is easy and simple.” Her trick for brows? Nothing! She never plucks or fusses for fullness.

Whether worn during finals week, or at a holiday party, this fresh and simple look emphasizes natural beauty against a beautifully white winter.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Instead of hiding her true color in bronzer, this Fashionista embraces porcelain skin with a light, powder foundation and a brush of blush for a rosey cheek. To add life back into the over-tired college student eye, she gives her lid a touch of eye shadow for some sparkle and shine, stays light on the liner and finishes with a mascara wing in the outer corners of her lashes. Finally to pull the look together, she finishes with a berry-neutral lip gloss and a dab of fresh-scented perfume.  Pretty simple.