BEAUTY BAR: Feeling Blue Never Looked So Good

You know that feeling when you wake up some days and feel like you could accomplish anything in the world? Well you need a BOMB look to go with it and here is some makeup inspiration.

With so many makeup gurus on YouTube, Instagram and almost every other social media platform, makeup is no longer something that we put on in the mornings so we can look good for everyone we see throughout the day. It has become a form of art and self-expression. This Fashionista plays around with different makeup looks everyday and she’s in control of how she wants other people to perceive her. That’s a powerful tool to have. In this look, she went for a vintage grunge look that is as intense as it is laid back.

Her makeup look is sharp and attention grabbing. To go with the emerging winter season, she chose blue as her focal color. This Fashionista started off with a neutral, earth-toned eyeshadow and then intensified her eyes with winged eyeliner. She achieved the cat eye look by elongating her inner tear duct with eye liner as well. She then went over her tear line with electric blue eyeliner to make her eyes pop.

This Fashionista also ombréd her lips from a deep wine red to a dark blue that complemented her eye makeup. Her outfit is so neutral and simple that the makeup stands out enough to be the main focus of her look.

This look is perfect for your style transition from fall to winter especially for those Fashionistas out there who rock simple neutral or monochrome outfits and want to add a pop of color to their looks!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look, you need two matte lip stains, an eyeshadow palette with shimmery neutral tones, black eyeliner and blue eyeliner. Play with different colors that will reflect your mood and complement your outfit!