BEAUTY BAR: Feelin' Effortlessly Cool

That’s right, summer is definitely here in New York City. That means high humidity, sweat and wearing lots of sunscreen. Especially here in this city, it is important to be comfortable to be able to still walk from place to place. That being said, it is ideal to keep the style very subtle. This Fashionista is familiar with how hot it can get in the summer, keeping her style very minimal. Wearing a lightweight black shirtdress with comfortable black shoes, she is ready to walk around the city without any troubles.

In addition to how she is dressed, it is important to point out how she also did her hair and makeup. She keeps her hair down and ties a small portion of it in a cute hairstyle. Because her hair is loosely tied, she lets her bangs naturally fall and move to the side. Because of its simple look, it corresponds well with her shirtdress. With a lightweight chiffon fabric, this Fashionista is not bothered by the heat. “It’s really easy for me to pick clothes for the summer because I usually wear simple dresses. I’m not a fan of going over the top with my style, because I like things to be natural.” Her makeup is also very lightly done, only using BB cream with sun protection and lip gloss. With everything on point, this Fashionista is ready to strut on the streets of New York City.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: In order to create a similar look, it is very important to keep the idea of “cool” and “natural” alive. Because it is summer, overdoing a look with lots of layering will not be the way to go. Wear simple clothes that will be easy to walk in, such as a lightweight, summer dress. Same applies to makeup: make sure to keep it lightweight. Keep the stylin’ simple, clean, and natural!