BEAUTY BAR: Facial Hair Don't Care

The “long hair, don’t care” theme has been around for a while. It seems like most girls’ hair is down to their waist or longer, but it is actually the boys who seem to be taking over this trend. Man buns, beards and mustaches are taking over the world and I don’t think anyone is complaining.

Man buns are constantly the talked about trend for guys, but we can’t forget to show our appreciation to the scruffy facial hair look. When I saw this Fashionisto, I obviously noticed he was rocking facial hair, but I then realized how well dressed and put together he still looked. This Fashionisto may not have a man bun but he is still giving off that unkempt, “I make this look easy” kind of look. Facial hair and man buns can come with the misconception of being messy and dirty looking, but this Fashionisto shows that that is not true. He may have the scruffy look but you can tell that he takes the extra second to clean up his hair and put on something nice.

This look may be dressier than most guys’ everyday wear, but that just goes to show that guys do not need to have the baby face, clean shave to look nice. Like this Fashionisto, you can just throw on a button-down, khaki pants and wingtips for a nicer occasion. It may not be everyone’s taste, so if you like a clean shave, go for it. If you like a long beard, go for it. But if your beard touches my shoulder when we hug, I might be concerned.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? While I am a supporter of facial hair, I draw the line at the long Duck Dynasty beard. The biggest requirement to this trend is maintaining it.