BEAUTY BAR: Face Full of Lush

ATTENTION MAKEUP LOVERS EVERYWHERE: We’ve hit the jackpot! I hope you’re all ready to say goodbye to those huge cosmetics bags because they will no longer be necessary. While I find myself constantly carrying around a truckload of beauty products, fearing the arrival of unexpected occasions, the Fashionista above quickly resolves this problem with the help of one magic little bottle. This makeup guru introduced me to the LUSH Cosmetics liquid lipstick and definitely gave me a lesson I won’t soon forget.

Inside what looks like a petite glass container from a science lab, is a lipstick that not only applies rich color beautifully, but also ensures that your lips will stay soft and smooth. Since its pigments are so intense, the tone you see when you first apply will be the same one that’ll last all day long. In other words: no touchups, no worries. The most exciting part of it all is (drum roll please) that this product can also be used as eye shadow, cream blush, eye liner or mascara. Please don’t all stampede to your nearest LUSH store at the same time. Although I don’t recommend you utilize the color for all these purposes at once, this product is a definite game-changer. May I just add, it is made of natural ingredients, it is not tested on animals, and it’s available in multiple gorgeous colors. How much better can this possibly get?

Today’s Fashionista is wearing the shade named “Confident” as lipstick, eye shadow and blush. She finished it off with some darker eye liner and mascara, in order to contrast that mauve tone accenting the rest of her gorgeous features. The beautiful pattern on her dress served as the perfect inspiration for her artistic cosmetic creation; and can we just take a minute to talk about her killer shoe-game? These lace-up leather ankle booties are amazing and ideal for transitioning from day to night, and even from summer to fall.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? If you want to be as creative as this Fashionista, you’re just one product away. In order to complete this look, you need the Lush Cosmetics liquid lipstick, as well as some foundation and powder that will function as a good base. Remember to utilize less quantity for a lighter, more natural, daytime look or apply a generous quantity to reach the perfect amount of fierceness needed for a night out on the town.