BEAUTY BAR: Embracing The Natural Beauty Look

It is so important to be able to accept yourself and not be afraid to go for a natural and pure look. Being confident with your own body, style, and personality is the best fashion advice one could follow. This Fashionista truly expresses the significance of embracing her own natural beauty.

First of all, she rocks the long curly hairstyle! She decided to go with the simple route and let her hair down turning the overall look even more fashionable and natural. Also, the way she plays with her hair definitely works on her favor. Another point to notice is how the Fashionista is wearing little to no makeup. She opted to only use bronzer, eye mascara and a very settle nude lipstick, which is a great option when composing summer looks.

Now, let’s talk about her outfit! The way she deiced to wear neutral and brownish colors to match the color of hair and tan skin worked perfectly. The white crop top is a great option for the summer since it goes well with a variety of different outfits and it is great for both day and nighttime. And how fun is this Kimono? It was the right touch to complete the look! A kimono is another excellent option to help compose a more casual, relaxed and stylish outfit. They give a fun boho summer feel!

The Fashionista decided to wear a simple Quartz Rose necklace and invest on powerful shoes and she, once again, got it right! The wooden platform heel is definitely one to invest on for this season. It brought the outfit together and helped compose a more elegant and feminine look. Overall, the Fashionista’s style greatly works with the way she lets her natural beauty stands out. Don’t be afraid to embrace your own beautiful self and use it as an asset to compose a confident and consequently, fashionable look!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Aside from embracing your own natural and beautiful self, in order to recreate the Fashionista’s natural style, all you need to do is wear light makeup and let your hair flow. If you would like to recreate the natural curly hairstyle, you could use a hair mousse after washing your hair and let it dry naturally. It will give a more flowy and natural feel to it. For the makeup, make sure to search for a bronzer that will go well with your skin tone in order to create a natural tan touch and a settle nude lipstick to complete the overall naturally beautiful look!