BEAUTY BAR: Edgier Cuts For The Scissor Shy

Recently, a friend of mine decided to reinvent his image. He changed his clothing, shoes and accessories, but when people suggested changing his hairstyle he seemed hesitant and unwilling. I tried to think about why this might be. I realized many guys are afraid to experiment with their hair. Looking around campus, most guys have a similar haircut with few exceptions. Some of the more eccentric styles include mohawks, man buns and ponytails. These deviant haircuts typically stereotyped these people. I can understand why my friend would want to avoid something that would typecast him.

However, there are countless hairstyles that have an edge to them that don’t have that effect. A recent trend I have seen is the high and tight. This is when the barber keeps the hair on the top of the head long enough to give a person some volume while the sides are cut shorter. There’s a fade between the top section and the sides that make it look less like a mohawk and more smooth. Though I have also seen more drastic variations where there’s a clear line between the top and the sides, such as the comb over fade, undercut and asymmetrical cut. The latter choices leave more of an impact, but they’re are great possibilities. It’s all a matter of preference.

I chose this style specifically because whichever variation of the hairstyle a person may choose, it’s not too radical and it’s easy for most to pull off. It elongates the face by adding height to the head.The outline of the haircut accentuates the cheek bones and jawline.

This Fashionisto has paired his hairstyle with a pair of black glasses that work perfectly together to give him a simple, chic look. He is also wearing a patterned shirt, black jeans and black boots.

What’s on the Beauty Bar: After visiting a salon, maintenance for the haircut is typically every six weeks. To add a bit of extra volume as well as texture use a bit of mousse.