BEAUTY BAR: Easy, Breezy, Blue-tiful

July 24th, 2015 at 2:00am
BEAUTY BAR: Easy, Breezy, Blue-tiful

This week on Ms. Sinatra takes San Francisco, we take a break from clothes and step into the wonderful world of hair and makeup!

Being home for summer is the chance to change your look before going back to school in the fall in style. I know I always like to get some highlights or cut my hair before the start of school, or even at the beginning of summer to freshen up. Likewise, this Fashionista had some fun this summer with her stylish do with blue tips.

Now let’s face it, everyone is either obsessed with Kylie Jenner or is obsessed with hating on her, but either way, she has taken social media and the news by storm. From the big lips to her extreme style, Jenner captures everyone’s attention. Not only does Jenner show off her lips and clothes, she also changes her hair quite a bit, and while most girls are too afraid to mimic the trends she puts out, the Fashionista I found this week rocks the trendy Kylie Jenner blue tips (clip ins are available to buy.)

So why does this style work? Because it’s fun! Style is all about being unique and having some fun. Hair is hair. It will grow back, you can change the color or you can cut it some more (or just wear a hat until it grows out). It can always be changed, so why not have some fun, especially in the summertime? This Fashionista chose blue for her hair to blend with her already ombré brown locks. The blue is actually pretty subtle compared to a pink or green tip, so it blends very well. Tips are also a good choice because it’s not as extreme as a full head of color. Some people can pull off a full head of neon pink or blue, but others might want to start small with just their tips. Not only does the color work, but so does the loose curl. Loose curls are my favorite because they look effortless and add volume and texture to your hair. One of my most prized possessions is my curling wand—it’s magical and my curls hold all through the day.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? If you are feeling adventurous this summer and want to give your hair some fun color, I would recommend finding a talented friend to help with some at home color (if you are too afraid to do it yourself), or I would go to a professional. At home, you could use semi-permanent, wash-out dye so that it fades and eventually comes out, or you could use permanent. If it were me, I would do semi because then it will fade naturally and just last a few weeks or months. Also, like I said earlier, I love my wand, and I would also recommend purchasing one if you don’t already have one. You will fall in love just like I did, and your hair will thank you.