BEAUTY BAR: Easy Breezy Beautiful Braids

BEAUTY BAR: Easy Breezy Beautiful Braids

Successful summers are ones where you feel a sense of accomplishment by crossing goals off your bucket list. Whether you are interning, enrolled in a course or enjoying your time off, the summertime is an ideal season to test your sense of adventure by engaging in new activities. No matter where the sunshine may lead you, your free time allows you to experiment with new outfits, beauty routines and hairstyles. Depending on how big or small your goals are, sporting unique hair trends have specifically dominated the media and all summer checklists.

In the midst of hot, humid and hazy weather, summer hairstyles should keep you cool and comfortable. Considering this, your hair should be tied back and out of your face, letting your locks fly free will only cause frizz and knots within your signature ‘do. As hair ties, bobby pins and hairspray become your mane’s best friends, ponytails and braids are bound to become your favorite summer hairstyles.

I spotted this Fashionista rocking this popular summer hair trend with french braids and pigtails. By creating a middle part for pigtails, this Fashionista takes equal amounts of her hair to french braid the right and left sides. She continues to braid her hair to the ends, securing each braid with hair ties. Whether she spends her summer days at her internship, her class, at the beach or pool, her hair is fashionably tamed and ready to tackle a day’s worth of heat. This Fashionista can also transition this hairstyle to and from any summer activity. Another benefit of this ‘do is that she can comfortably wear additional hair accessories, such as a baseball cap, to keep even cooler while enjoying her time off in the sun.

As summer adventures are sometimes unexpected, this Fashionista wears a lightweight T-shirt, denim shorts and flip flops to maintain an appropriate appearance throughout her day. This outfit can easily be thrown over a bathing suit to be worn as a cover up for the backyard or broadwalk. Since she may not know where she’s heading next, this Fashionista accessorizes her look only with a small crossbody bag to carry her necessities.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR?: To efficiently create this hairstyle, purchase a reliable detangling brush to eliminate all of your split ends. Ignoring these knots will only make these braids harder to achieve since your hair won’t be as smooth as it could be. Perfecting this hairstyle may take time and several trial and error runs. Patience is a virtue!