BEAUTY BAR: Easy, Breezy and Beautiful

This is the time of year gets a little busy as we are springing into summer. It is easy to become caught up with finals and the excitement of the sunny weather. As we are preparing for our last exams and making our summer plans, the outfits we chose start to reflect our breezy mood.

Knowing that I am leaving Arizona for the summer, I am taking the time to savor all the moments I have with my close friends. A dear friend of mine always loves to take me on adventures to explore different parts of Arizona. She is a fun loving girl and spending time with her is something I always look forward to. Whether it is going on spontaneous road trips, or running little errands together, our time together is filled with laughter and memories. One of the many things I love about her is her genuine character and how sweet she is. I find this is radiated from her in everything she does, even down to what she wears.

In her outfit choice, she chooses to keep her look classic and cute. Her breezy, off-the-shoulder shirt that keeps the look bright and cheery. The denim she picked out is a classic staple; the lighter wash makes her outfit perfect for the sunny, spring weather. Her light makeup showcased her natural beauty inside and out.

To finish off the look, she chose a pair of tan Tory Burch sandals as her footwear. They are simple, yet the neutral palette enables the look to be versatile. Subtle gold jewelry and accessories polish off her exquisite style.

No matter how busy or hectic our schedule, it is always important to take time to spend with the ones who add the sunshine to life. Such dear friends are a blessing and time with them are the moments that turn into memories.