BEAUTY BAR: Dread Not the Dreads

This Fashionisto has put much time and effort into his stylish hairstyle. This trend of dreads has been on the rise and continues to swarm people’s heads with swift love and style. This hairstyle exhibited by this Fashionisto is a statement. Having had his dreads for five years this upcoming October, this hair trend is one that takes patience and determination.

This hairstyle is for those who wish to try something new. This Fashionisto said that he originally wanted to get dreads because he had tried every other hairstyle previously. From sporting the mohawk to all different colors except red, he said dreads were the only hairstyle left for him to try and “praise God that this hairstyle stuck!”

This Fashionista’s dreads work wonders for him because they accent his personality. He is a free-spirited, Christ-centered Fashionisto that lives to spread the Word of God and His love across the nations. His dreads are a conversation starter, welcoming fun conversation and a fantastic segue for him to talk about his religious beliefs.

The red shirt and the red accents in his shorts accent each other nicely and create unity among his ensemble. The cross necklace he wears daily shows the dedicated nature of this Fashionisto. He obviously spends a lot time on the upkeep of his dreads, and loves them.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? If you’re interested in getting a head of dreads, or maybe just one to add a little flare to your head of hair, remember that this is a hairstyle trend that takes more than a mere spritz of hairspray. In order to rock this hairstyle, you will need determination and patience during the start up process. Product is optional in making dreads but not necessary. Online tools are helpful for beginners, or you can ask someone you know who has dreads for helpful tips!