BEAUTY BAR: Dramatic Bronze

The new year is finally here, which means you have to express the new you. Leave last year’s Coachella hippie trend in the past and take on a fashion trend that will leave you on top. Traditionally the smokey eye has always been the look to stay, but this year many celebrities are taking that smokey Kardashian look and mixing it with a more subtle, warmer look. Personally, I am not one to add much color to my daily makeup routine, but this Fashionista convinced me to try this warm, red-violet bronzed look.

This Fashionista rocked this warmer look by making her eyes the dominant role and keeping the rest of her makeup very low key and clean. As a little side note, a woman’s eyes tell a story, so giving them a sharp glittered look is a must to keep them alive looking and not so exhausted. This look works, because it can be a look that you can take from day to night without looking overdone. While obsessing over this Fashionista’s beauty trend, she gave a very good tip that I think a lot of women struggle with: know your face frame and where the light falls against it. It is so important to understand how to properly contour your face and blend your bronzed eyes without it being too much. So as advice before applying your eyeshadow, look into the mirror and picture where you’d like to shade in your bronzed look. To keep the glittered look from falling against your face, apply a primer that will keep it together and clean. Lastly, a good bronzed look can be finished with a sharp look of top eyeliner. A liquid brand can get the job done without it being too dramatic looking. Before going out for the night with your girlfriends, extend your top eyeliner into a cat eye and apply a smudged black shadow against your bottom eye lid. This will give your look a more focused look, alluring all.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: For this look, you’ll need a primer, a bronzed eyeshadow palette, top liner and a contouring kit.