BEAUTY BAR: Don’t Sweat It

July 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

Whether you are simply outside enjoying the day with friends or going out for the night, wearing makeup in the summer time can be a challenge to say the least. Heat and humidity are a nightmare for heavy foundation and a smoky eye, which leads to too much makeup running down your face. This Fashionista demonstrates how to apply makeup as naturally as possible while still maintaining a chic look perfect for the sweltering heat.

As one can see, this Fashionista is going for a relaxed summer vibe in her outfit while adorning herself with the right amount of makeup to stay chic. By pairing her ripped jeans with a classic black tank top and beige wedges, she has the ability to play around more with her makeup. As previously stated, an exaggerated smoky eye would be a mistake for this occasion simply because you could sweat off half your work. This Fashionista does a more toned down application using a lighter eyeshadow base and a sweep of brown on the outer corners finishing with a coat of mascara. She uses this same idea when applying powder to her face. Instead of using a heavy foundation, she opts for a more suitable powder and light application. Lastly, my favorite part of her look is the application of a matte red lipstick. The matte works so well for summer in my opinion because it adds color to lip in a more natural way without being overly dramatic or shiny.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To recreate this look you will need four basic items. A good powder for your face to reduce shine that comes with sweat, a red matte lipstick, a neutral palette of eyeshadow and your favorite mascara. Using the ‘less is more’ concept, the summer heat will be no match for a done-up face.