BEAUTY BAR: Dare Your Hair

Unlike most universities, mine doesn’t hold a conventional end of year “Summer Ball.” Instead, we celebrate the year with a fancy dress festival extravaganza featuring well-known artists, a fun fair and loads more! It sounds fantastic, especially if you are lucky enough to celebrate your birthday, too, like this Fashionista is! The theme this year was mystical creatures so it featured anything from dragons to unicorns. Knowing how much of a keen designer I am, I created this costume for this Fashionista using bright pink and purple organza, flowers and a basic tutu and wings.

Now what brings this look to the beauty bar, well, apart from having one of the best costumes at the ball (if I do say so myself), this Fashionista topped off the look by using the festival go-to item, hair chalks. The chalks have swamped the festival scene this year, adding the perfect temporary change to hair styles. Seen on everyone from Lauren Conrad to Nicki Minaj hair chalks seem to be the best DIY alternative to dye. Different styles include ombre, rainbow braiding or all over color for a bold, show-stopping statement. If this isn’t crazy enough, Fudge Urban has found a perfect alternative—hair stenciling.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To create the perfect mystical summer colored-hair style you will need NPW Hair Chalk in Pink from Urban Outfitters, along with disposable gloves and bottle of water with a spray lid. To add the curls simply use this curling wand from Babyliss and to finish Umberto Giannini Glitter Glam Hairspray.