Why is it that we are never happy with our natural hair? Women with a full body of curls on their head wish for straight hair and vice versa. There are a number of girls who apply multiple products to their hair in order to change it, but why? If you’re blessed with a body full of curls, why spend hours straightening it? Curls are not something that you should hide or be ashamed of and are way more versatile than the Curly Q may think. It just takes a little sense of properly taming it and your set.

Now is there really a secret towards dominating the perfect set of curls? Of course there isn’t, but there are little tips you can apply to tame those locks. Just because your hair is naturally curly doesn’t mean that you can’t use a curling iron or a wand to touch it up and amplify it’s texture to create an alluring wave. With a little help from using an iron, your curly hair will have the ability to maintain it’s shape without it looking uncontrollable. Despite the fact that this Fashionista is effortlessly rocking a bohemian-chic look on campus, her voluptuous curls are what immediately caught my attention. Her perfect “I woke up like this” curl is so effortlessly chic. After contemplating what methods and pain she had to go through in order to achieve this look I felt shocked at how easy it was for her to accomplish this look.

All it takes is a little coconut oil, some styling mousse and the finishing touches of a curling iron. Just apply some coconut oil and a styling mousse for a conditioning base and allow it to air dry or blow dry it with a cool heat. Afterwards, part your hair to its desired frame and take random pieces throughout your hair and curl them. Considering the fact that your hair is already naturally curly, this should be easy to accomplish and take little time. If your hair is naturally straight, curl your entire head but allow your hair to breathe by making the curls looks and natural looking. This Fashionista also added that having a clean, medium length cut can give you that inspired curly look that all celebs are trending with right now.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look, feel free to ruin your fingers through your hair and shake it up.  Adding finishing touches of a light hairspray at hold the curls, but remember, too much will be too harsh on your hair. Since your hair is versatile with this look, feel free to keep your outfit simple or bold. Just keep in mind that the focal point should be your hair and the summer weather suggests that less is more.