BEAUTY BAR: Curly Hair Mania

Remember the times when you were just strolling down the street and you saw someone with really big hair. What was your first thought? Facial expression? I personally cannot stop staring and I usually say, “Your hair looks really nice.” There is something about big curly hair that I love. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Your hairstyle makes you even more beautiful?” Well, I did and I agree. When people look at you the first thing they see is your face and hair and second is your outfit. If your hair is neatly done it makes you look presentable and even more beautiful. If you go on the street without doing your hair someone is likely to guess your mood: cranky! I like to always maintain my curly hairstyle. It’s a look that is easy to get and maintain. All you need is a spray bottle, moisturizer and leave-in conditioner. Curly hair is very versatile. You can wear it out, in a bun or both ways. It also gives someone an edgier look.

I spotted a hair guru with well-defined curly hair and I had to approach her and ask her about her secrets. She told me she uses Cantu hair products to cleanse and moisturize her hair. She washes it every week with Cantu shampoo and conditioner for natural hair. She also sprays leave-in conditioner in her hair to strengthen it. She also does various styles that create different curl patterns. At times she may twist her hair, use flexi rods, rollers, bantu knots or just wash her hair to achieve her curly locks. Before actually doing her nightly routines she makes sure to put Cantu’s curling cream in to help make the curls more defined and last longer. Her techniques are very helpful. I tried some and it actually works. I love big hair and can’t wait for my hair to grow out!

BEAUTY BAR: To get this look go to a beauty supply store and purchase natural hair products. Here are some that you can try: Cantu Curling Cream, Cantu Leave-in Conditioner, Cantu Shampoo and Cantu Conditioner. You can also check this YouTube video out on how to twist your hair. You can also try the products they recommend.