BEAUTY BAR: Cropped Curls

August 18th, 2016 at 2:00am
BEAUTY BAR: Cropped Curls

Beauty trends are not an area of the fashion industry that I am particularly knowledgeable about. I can’t contour, I just discovered liquid lipstick and doing my eye shadow involves a lot more luck than skill. Regardless, there is one thing I always take note of when I see a person on the street.

Two words: Good hair.

I find I get bored with my own hair very easily and, as a result, change styles frequently. Within the past six years I have gone from long curls, to a bob, to a pixie cut with varied looks in-between. I’m always scouting out inspiration from other stylish risk takers.

We have entered an era of fashion where a low-key, low-maintenance look is in. Whether or not this natural look is carefully curated or not, it seems everyone is striving for an “I just woke up like this” sort of esthetic. Fortunately for this Fashionista, she has this look down to a simple “wash and go” science. She lets her natural curls do the work for her. Cutting them short makes them more manageable while giving her a look that is a touch more unique than a classic, straight pixie. This haircut is a perfect option for people with curly hair who are tired of dealing with tangled, frizzy mornings. Chopping off the weight gives the curls extra bounce and working with your natural waves creates a tousled look that is almost impossible to mimic. This look will definitely draw some attention so be ready for the turning heads.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Do your curls need a little extra pep in their step some mornings? Get a curl refiner to cast away frizz and lock those locks in place.