Every Fashionisto or Fashionista has his or her own style sense that is individual to just them. Some even choose to express their own personality through their hairstyling or color, and summer is a time for bright and bold colors! Just take a moment and look around at the the summer highlights, coloring and natural highlights that people have in their hair. After all, fashion style is not limited to mixing and matching clothing and accessories.

I found this Fashionisto on the streets sporting his own unique look while making a striking statement. He has naturally dark hair but at the top he has colored it a light pink that really pops! There is a defined contrast between his natural color and the top of hair that complements his punk-inspired look.

This Fashionisto is wearing black shorts and a long flowy black top that elongates his torso creating a very elegant shape. He also has on black printed canvas sneakers that make his outfit casual and comfortable. The dark colors he has chosen contrast against his choice to color his hair a lighter shade. Overall, his look could be worn for a casual outing with friends or for fun night on the town with friends.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, you need to lighten your hair and then find the right shade of color to make a unique statement. Other attire needed to create this look includes black shorts, a long flowy black shirt and black canvas sneakers. The contrast between dark and light ensures that your hair is the center of attention.