BEAUTY BAR: Contour, Highlight, and Repeat

BEAUTY BAR: Contour, Highlight, and Repeat

Oh, how beauty looks have changed! It’s pretty hard to remember the days when sheer pink lip gloss, BB cream, a dab of blush and subtle, earthy eye makeup were acceptable for all occasions. As we spring into 2017, we find ourselves in a new pattern: contour, highlight, and repeat.

Recently, a lot of young women wouldn’t be caught dead without wearing their go-to full coverage foundation, a showy bronzer and highlighter, matte lips and liquid eyeliner that’s winged sharp enough to kill. This Fashionista definitely adheres to that mindset!

Along the theme of contour, highlight and repeat, blending is very essential. As far as the process goes, it’s recommended to lay a foundation first, followed by a rose-tinted blush, contour duo, and then a subtly shimmery highlight. Her eye makeup is in perfect accord with the softness of the rest of her look. She chose a shimmery bronze eyeshadow as the supporting feature. Then, her dramatic eyeliner is the main event which makes her whole look more edgy.

Speaking of edgy, it doesn’t stop there. Rocking a nose ring is a surefire way to put out a trendsetter vibe. It works especially well in this look, because it balances with her rosy pink lip color. Even her manicure plays into the it with the slightly pointed shape of her nails which contradicts the pastel pink polish with a glittery accent nail. The juxtaposition of an outfit with a hardcore feel and an innocently perfect beauty look is guaranteed to inspire a certain amount of mystery.

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