BEAUTY BAR: Contour Crazy

The latest and biggest trend in makeup has been the art of contouring. Contouring is a combination of highlighting and creating shadows in areas to enhance the facial structure, giving the face subtle definition. This beauty secret used to be used on models for runways and photo shoots, but is now becoming a crucial part of the everyday women’s beauty routine.

It’s starting to get hot and makeup is almost more work than it’s worth. I am here to tell you that powder is the answer! It gently gives you coverage while still allowing the skin to breathe. Some people may be under the assumption that contouring can only be done using liquid and that’s false. There are many powder pallets out now that cater to every skin tone or just find a darker bronzer to use and blend.

This Fashionista has a smaller face and features so her use of contouring elongates the face and gives it more definition. Another way she was able to make her features appear bigger, in particular her eyes, is dark eyeliner. The wing is in and she does this very well.

This Fashionista does a beautiful job of creating shadows and highlights in all the right areas. Her dark hair styled with light beach waves and sun-kissed skin, give this contour just the extra life it needs. Because her focus for this outfit was more on her makeup she chose a loose-fitting lightweight plaid dress, perfect for the heat paired with some ’60s- inspired white boots. 

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Love this makeup and want to recreate this look? You will need a few things. First is the Mineralize skin finish powder from MAC which you will use as your base before the contour. This Fashionista likes to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills medium to tan contour kit. This is a powder kit that has lighter colors for highlighting and darker colors to create the perfect shadows. If you don’t know how much you’ll like contouring, purchase a dark bronzer as this should give you an idea of how to do it and whether or not it is worth investing in a kit. For the eyes this Fashionista used Urban Decay’s Naked 2 pallet and MAC liquid eyeliner. To finish off ANY look Benefit’s The POREfessional, this product is simply amazing, it decreases the size of pores and gives an overall finish to the look! Now let’s get contour crazy!