BEAUTY BAR: Congrats, Grads!

BEAUTY BAR: Congrats, Grads!

It’s that time of year again! For many college students, the end of the year means finals. But for others, it’s time for graduation and time to move into the adult world. Although everyone wears the same cap and gown, there is still an opportunity to shine with your outfit and hair. This Fashionisto shared his hair and skincare tips that he uses to look his best for one of the most important times of a college student’s life.

This Fashionisto decided to keep his look simple and preppy for graduation day. A lightweight button-down shirt and khaki chinos are classic and won’t be too warm underneath a graduation cap and gown. His striped belt is both functional and fashionable and adds a preppy pop of color to his otherwise simple outfit. A subtle roll at the hem of his pants keeps the outfit casual. Finally, his medium brown oxford dress shoes add a spring vibe.

Skincare and hair care have the biggest opportunity to shine through during graduation, and it’s important to keep them healthy and safe from the sun. Although this Fashionisto doesn’t wear makeup, he always wears a light SPF sunscreen and lip balm to protect from the sun and prevent premature aging. This step is especially important if your graduation ceremony is outside.

To prevent acne flare-ups for the hundreds of pictures that will be taken, this Fashionisto washes his face every night with water and a gentle cleanser and then moisturizes before bed. Depending on your skin, you might need something stronger with salicylic acid. Consult your dermatologist for your skin’s specific needs to prevent acne without drying out your skin.

Finally, Fashionistas/os need to be conscious of their graduation cap when choosing a hairstyle. This Fashionisto has short hair, so he doesn’t have to worry too much. He just slicks it back with some lightweight gel to prevent flyaway hairs. Fashionistos with longer hair can choose a more intricate style, or simply pull it back in a low bun so that it is out of their face.

If you wear glasses like this Fashionisto does, opt for a lens that offers SPF protection, especially if your graduation ceremony will be outdoors. Otherwise, wear your contact lenses with sunglasses.

Healthy skin, hair, and eyes are just as important as your outfit for graduation. Remember to pay attention to your routine and make sure you are hitting all the necessary steps for your best health. Congratulations to the class of 2017, and have a great summer!