BEAUTY BAR: Come On, Twist and Shout

On the days when the summer heat is way too high and you have long hair, it could be hard to keep your hair from getting gross and sweaty. However, with a cool hairstyle like this Fashionista, you can enjoy the weather and keep cool!

This Fashionista kept her hair up and her neck dry by twisting her hair on both sides and tying the two sections together in the back. By creating this hairstyle, you help bring the focus of your look to the twists on each side of your face, thus, framing it. Framing your face in this way allows you to showcase your fabulous features while also letting you give off an effortless vibe. This hairstyle is quick and easy. It is also perfect for when you’re rushing out the house or feeling too hot and sticky to spend extra time on your hair.

This Fashionista’s outfit also did not disappoint. Her midi dress is light and airy, which is perfect for the summer heat we’ve been having lately. The floral print also gives her look a summery vibe, along with her bright yellow bag. Her bag‘s vibrant color also counteracts the black color of her shoes and dress; thus, bringing balance into her look and making it effortless.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Use a hair serum, such as one from Living Proof, and use a small amount through the ends of your hair and any possible fly-aways. Then, separate your hair into two sections and twist each side while staying close to the side of your head. Once you finish twisting both sides of your hair, bring both sides together and tie them with a hair tie. To make sure all of your baby hairs stay in place, spray a little bit of hairspray or finishing spray to the front and sides of your hair.